Food Safety

Nothing is more important to us than food safety. Home Cooked USA only partners with cooks who intuitively bring good safety habits to the kitchen with how they handle and prepare food. As a part of our process we also ensure that all of our partner cooks are food safety trained, state certified, and that they actually understand the importance and practice of food safety.

How We Do It

  1. Training - All of our partner cooks are State Certified in proper food handling.
  2. Knowing The Science - Prevent issues by following ideal temperature controls for raw ingredients, ensure proper food storage, keeping a clean kitchen while cooking to prevent cross contamination, understanding which ingredients are common allergens, and more smart steps towards taking caution with food.
  3. Fresh Ingredients – We make fresh products by starting with fresh ingredients.
  4. Less Hands In The Food – We minimize who touches the food, with Home Cooked USA only the cook you are ordering from is involved in the cooking.
  5. Sign and Seal - Your food from Home Cooked USA will always be sealed and signed by the cook you ordered from, guaranteeing that your food is coming straight from their hands to yours.




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