Frequently Asked Questions


How do you select your cooks?
Great home cooks will usually create some local buzz. We start by finding those cooks. We are now also open for cooks to apply to list their food with us. All cook applicants are vetted for the quality of their food and their approach to cooking. Every cook that we accept must be the best and when your tasting the best you know it. If you’re interested in applying, visit our Apply Page to learn more.

Will you add new cooks?
Will we… Home Cooked USA is looking forward to adding more cooks! Our team is actively looking for the best cooks in every city to share their food with the community.

Will you add new menu items?
The cooks on Home Cooked USA are always working on something new. When they feel that their new items are perfected and ready to share, we will add them to the menu. Also, each new cook that we partner with brings something original to Home Cooked USA.

Where can I find customer reviews?
The best place to find reviews is our Facebook page:

When will you expand to more cities?
As our reach grows and as we find more cooks who meet our high expectations, we will roll-out Home Cooked USA in more cities.

Do you offer shipping?
We do not offer shipping. Our focus is local, local home cooks who cook for their local market. Our cooks are locals, our pickup locations are locally owned businesses, & our customers are locals. Our goal is to make it easy to enjoy the best home cooking in your city. Do you have your eye on an item from another town? Great, but skip Fedex and take a visit to enjoy that cooking.

Can I have my order delivered?
Delivery is not a standard part of our service at this time. We are expecting to roll-out a delivery model in the near future. In some special cases and for large orders delivery can be arranged for an additional fee. Contact us if you need delivery assistance.

Are you able to cook for large orders or special events?
Several of our cooks enjoy doing large events. Submit a Custom Request to discuss your event. Our cooks have a range of experience with baking for parties, weddings, corporate events, family reunions, and more. We would love to cook for your event.

Do you offer cooked meals?
Home Cooked USA does not offer cooked meals at this time. We are exploring options to add cooked meals and great home cooks to make those meals. Join our email list, we will share updates as we make progress. We may be able to help with referrals to great home cooks depending on your location and needs.

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